5 Tips for Raising Money for a Cause

To help inform my costumers, i made a sign and price list.

To help inform my
costumers, I made a sign and price list.

For the past year I’ve been raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because my best friend has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Together we’ve been making and selling crafts like ribbon barrettes, bottle cap magnets, and Rainbow Loom bracelets. Last year we donated $140 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides Walk to help fund research that will find a cure for CF.

Here are some tips for raising money for a cause you’re passionate about:

  1. Know your cause. Know a lot about it to explain to everyone you know. Research if you can!
  2. Set a goal. Put it on your sign, and  let your customers know your goal, and how much of what you’re selling will be donated to your cause.
  3. KEEP YOUR FUNDS SAFE!! Keep them in a box , envelope or give them to a parent or supervisor. It helps to keep them in eyesight and don’t let anyone but you, your supervisor,and  your teammates touch or mess with them.
  4. Team up. Get a few friends and an adult to help you out if you want.
  5. Let people know. Make posters and hang them in or around the area or neighborhood  where you are raising money and be sure to state the 5 w’s. Who,what,when ,where, and why you are raising money.

Good luck!

5 Online Safety Tips For Kids

The moderator button in Club Penguin.

The moderator button in Club Penguin.

  1. Keep passwords a secret. You don’t want someone messing with your computer or account on a website.
  2. Don’t click on adds on websites. They might install something bad on your computer.
  3. Don’t meet up with anyone you mat on the internet in person without a parent or guardians permission.
  4. Always report someone being unsafe to a parent or the moderator on websites such as Club Penguin.
  5. Respect your parents rules about the web.Don’t watch,read,or look at things you are not supposed to be on.

Have fun but…  BE SAFE!!

P.S  June is online safety month!


DIY Jar Earring Holder


Have little jars? Don’t know what to do with them? Heres A super fun craft to make earring holders out of them.

First, wash out the jar with soap and water and let dry.

Next, glue the lid to the bottom of the jar like this. Let glue dry.

Glue the lid to the bottom of the jar.

Glue the lid to the bottom of the jar

Now that the glue is dry, you can cut out a little piece of paper to line the inside.

When you are ready to use it, put the earrings that dangle in the rim and the studs inside.


Use And Enjoy!!

Use and enjoy!!


10 Photography Tips for Kids

At school they offer a variety of after school clubs for all grades. Recently  I did a photography class taught by a local mom who is a professional portrait photographer and learned some tips I wanted to share!  Here are 10 photography tips for beginners or people who like taking pictures.

1. Use the macro setting to take pictures of small objects.

I used my macro Ollo Clip  this small bud.

I used my macro Ollo Clip this small to capture this small bud.

2. Be patient and wait for a good shot. If you don’t get the shot you want, try different angles.

3. When working with pets, use rewards such as treats for being a good, cooperative model.

IMG_86194. If you would like good light and are at school during the day or working, try to go out around sunset or late afternoon. Early in the morning works too.

5. Don’t place your object or subject in half sun. You don’t want someone or something  in the shadows.

6. Here’s another pet tip…Use a favorite toy to capture their attention. That’s how I got this one!

This one I got help from my Captain Computer. He held a toy above my head.

This one I got help from  Captain Computer. He held a toy above my head.

7. It’s better to shoot during the day in natural light.

I had really good light that afternoon and I needed a dew effect.

I had really good light that afternoon and I needed a dew effect.

8. If you’re taking pictures of plants and want a dew effect, mist it off with the garden hose. A spray bottle works well too!

9. It’s best to look at your pictures once they’ve been imported. Reviewing them on your camera will eat up the battery and the picture is always bigger and better on your computer screen.

10. Don’t shoot into the sun! It’s bad for your eyes. If you want to get an effect like that, close your eyes and shoot!


Have fun!!!


Club Penguin Puffle Party!

puffle party

Puffle Party is on starting April 17th

The Puffle Party returns!! This year Club Penguin released new Puffles. There is an orange cat and a blue dog. You can adopt them at the Pet Shop.

Look for the icon on your that you can click (kind of like the dance one) to make your  Puffle do a trick for you. There is also a new Puffle park that has care stations, tire swings, and a zip line that penguins and Puffles can go on.

Have a good time and see you there!

Pinewood Derby 2014!!


This year i went movie style with my Pinewood  Car. I themed it after a movie called The Hunt For Red October.   (This is a science fiction movie)  It is set in the cold war. The Russians build a undetectable submarine called Red October. But when they don’t obey the mission plans and try to defect from Russia, all of the Russian Navy and the American Navy are both looking for one undetectable submarine. I thought the movie is really spectacular!!!  It also has great submarine pictures.

Toyota Sienna Van

SAM_1586  SAM_1565

The really, really nice Toyota people are lending us this  cool van!  It is called the Toyota Sienna and we are borrowing it for three months as part of the #SiennaDiaries Program.

I really like how big it is and how it can fit a lot of people. It is a three row car with  big windows. (Oliver likes to look out of them!) It sits 7 people without the seat you can buy as a add-on.

It seems like an ideal road trip car.  I also like how the middle seats recline! Great for mid-trip naps. It also has a television that folds down. We found out while on a road trip that the television has  wireless headphones.  What’s cool about it is that while the kids in the back seat watch a movie, the front seat passengers can listen to the radio.


The Fair Returns!


The Fair Starts February 20!!!

The Fair Starts February 20!!!

On Club Penguin, I was looking through the year books and I found that in the past they have had the fair in September, but didn’t have one last year. But this year…  THE FAIR RETURNS!!!  I hear from the newspaper and The Fair Preview on the blog, it is going to have Roller Coasters,  Farris Wheels, and lots of popcorn. So  waddle on over to The Fair because it starts February 20 2014!!!!!  See you there!!