Toyota Sienna Van

SAM_1586  SAM_1565

The really, really nice Toyota people are lending us this  cool van!  It is called the Toyota Sienna and we are borrowing it for three months as part of the #SiennaDiaries Program.

I really like how big it is and how it can fit a lot of people. It is a three row car with  big windows. (Oliver likes to look out of them!) It sits 7 people without the seat you can buy as a add-on.

It seems like an ideal road trip car.  I also like how the middle seats recline! Great for mid-trip naps. It also has a television that folds down. We found out while on a road trip that the television has  wireless headphones.  What’s cool about it is that while the kids in the back seat watch a movie, the front seat passengers can listen to the radio.


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