Club Penguin Puffle Party!

puffle party

Puffle Party is on starting April 17th

The Puffle Party returns!! This year Club Penguin released new Puffles. There is an orange cat and a blue dog. You can adopt them at the Pet Shop.

Look for the icon on your that you can click (kind of like the dance one) to make your  Puffle do a trick for you. There is also a new Puffle park that has care stations, tire swings, and a zip line that penguins and Puffles can go on.

Have a good time and see you there!

The Fair Returns!


The Fair Starts February 20!!!

The Fair Starts February 20!!!

On Club Penguin, I was looking through the year books and I found that in the past they have had the fair in September, but didn’t have one last year. But this year…  THE FAIR RETURNS!!!  I hear from the newspaper and The Fair Preview on the blog, it is going to have Roller Coasters,  Farris Wheels, and lots of popcorn. So  waddle on over to The Fair because it starts February 20 2014!!!!!  See you there!!

Attention All Club Penguin Fans!!!!!

Ok. This is like the COOLEST thing ever Club Penguin is hosting a GOLD PUFFLE starting today!! November 14th. Go to the pet shop and feed your puffle a Gold’o Berry to activate the quest for the gold puffle. You must earn 15 gold nuggets (which puffles can dig up) then go to the gold mine to redeem them for a gold puffle. SO cool!!! you have to take a look. Not a member?  Go to:  to Create an Account! If you want to be friends with me, leave your penguin name in the comments.

See you there!!